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Every stage of the selling process, regardless of type of business or size can benefit from campaigns created & managed by MapForward Digital.


Top of the Sales Funnel Campaigns.

When you consider 51% of the US population is on Facebook daily, it's reasonable to conclude you can achieve remarkable reach & frequency. Here are a few Facebook campaign examples where MapForward Digital can help.

  • Launch a Business

  • Launch a New Product, Service or Program

  • Create a New Brand or Logo

  • Drive Foot Traffic to Store

  • Share Company News

  • Recruit New Employees

  • Promote Company Video or Commercial


Bottom-of-the-Sales Funnel Campaigns

Drive valuable actions, including eCommerce sales & in-store purchases with Facebook marketing. Turn to MapForward Digital to develop campaigns that lower cost to acquire & keep customers. We use enhanced bidding technology to spend smartly.

  • Drive In-Store Sales

  • Increase Online Purchases

  • Match Customers to Product Catalog Offerings


Mid-Sales Funnel Campaigns

Leveraging advanced targeting & delivery techniques, MapForward Digital helps you plate up a relevant customer experience that leads to action. Warm leads turn hot. Sales conversion rates accelerate. We have the expertise in supporting many marketing efforts, including:

  • Launch A Sales Promotion

  • Increase Website Traffic

  • Promote Mobile App

  • Access Product Information

  • Promote White Paper

  • Increase Newsletter Registrations

  • Host a Company Event

  • Drive Pre- & Post-Trade Show Traffic

  • Promote Customer Testimonials


Re-Marketing Campaigns

At its core, Facebook's strength is engagement. MapForward Digital leverages the platform to keep customers returning with re-marketing & referral campaigns. Here are some examples that foster loyalty to your business/brand:

  • Promote Customer Service

  • Offer Customer Training

  • Increase Online Engagement (likes, comments, shares, etc.)

  • Drive User Reviews

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